Live Stream Hockey Asian Cup 2022 Indonesia vs India: See Live Details

Defending champions India are expected to beat Indonesia by a wide margin and hopefully Pakistan beat Japan in another Pool A clash on Thursday to advance to the Asian Cup knockout stages. Hockey 2022. The game India vs Indonesia will be broadcast live on the Star Sports channel from 5:00 p.m. WIB. (Other hockey news)

The fate of India is no longer in their hands as even a victory against inferior Indonesia will not guarantee them any chance of elimination. Japan must defeat Pakistan to save India’s weak faith. With a draw and a defeat, India are third in Group A behind Japan (6 points) and Pakistan (4 points).

Under Sardar Singh, India fielded a youth squad with several senior players such as Brendra Lakra and SV Sunil who came after retirement. However, the senior duo are already past their prime if they wish to continue in the two matches played so far.

India conceded a last-minute goal in their opener to draw Pakistan 1-1 before beating Japan 2-5. But now the ‘next impossible task’ awaits India as they not only have to score a big goal against Indonesia, but also hope Japan beat Pakistan in another Pool A clash on Thursday if they are to go through. at the Super 4 stadium.

India have a goal difference of minus three against Pakistan Plus 13. If Pakistan lose to Japan, India will have to beat their western neighbors on goal difference and beat Indonesia by a wide margin to advance further in the tournament.

Lack of experience is the main cause of India’s underperformance as it is difficult for young players, most of whom were drafted into the last Junior World Cup squad, to reach the level of international hockey.

In the two matches played so far, the Indian players have had nothing in common in the three areas of defence, midfield and striker. India lack quality playmakers in midfield which is evident from their persistent efforts to create attacks from the middle instead of frequently using both sides.

In the back row, Lakra looked like a pale shadow that had crumbled under constant pressure. The front line was in vain as Tokyo Olympics Simranjeet Singh and youngster Uttam Singh did not perform well.

Lean and well-structured, Pawan Rajpar is the only player to impress with his dedication and hard work in both games, creating chances and scoring goals.

After India’s Rupinder Pal Singh was ruled out at the last minute with a wrist injury, another area where India’s players struggled due to a lack of running quality was corner changes. penalty.

With the odds stacked against them, the young Indians might be tempted to deliver their best shot on Thursday and show they can bounce back for the occasion.

When and where will India and India host the Asian Cup of Hockey 2022?

India vs Indonesia, Asian Hockey Cup 2022 will be played on May 26 at GPK Sports Complex Hockey Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia from 5:00 PM India Time.

Which channel will broadcast India v Indonesia, Asian Cup Hockey Tournament 2022?

Star Sports First, Star Sports Select 2 and Star Sports Select 2 will broadcast HD India vs Indonesia, Asian Cup Hockey 2022 tournament.

India vs Indonesia, where will the 2022 Asian Cup Hockey Tournament be streamed live?

Disney+ Hotstar India vs Indonesia will broadcast the Asian Cup of Hockey 2022 live from 5:00 p.m.

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