List of important days of October 23

Bandung – Each date on the calendar has its own meaning and memories. Including one of them on October 23.

On this date, various events ranging from historical events to special days and other important celebrations are celebrated around the world and in the archipelago.

Here is a list of important days that occur on October 23.

1. Hungarian Revolution Day 1956

Quoted from the Diponegoro University History Students’ Association page, on October 23, 1956, the Hungarian Revolution broke out as a popular movement against the communist government of the Soviet Union. Beginning with student protests in Budapest, the revolution grew into a broad struggle for political reform and political freedom.

Soviet troops attempted to arrest the demonstrators, but were unsuccessful. The revolution reached its peak with the attack on the Soviet Union on November 4, 1956, ending the uprising with the deaths of thousands and fleeing refugees.

Although it failed to achieve its initial goals, the revolution became a symbol of resistance to communist oppression and sparked democratic fervor around the world.

2. Libyan Liberation Day

According to the National Today page, on October 23, Libya celebrated Liberation Day. It is a time to commemorate the overthrow of authoritarian leader Muammar Gaddafi, after a long civil war. This date symbolizes the end of oppression and the beginning of new hope for the Libyan people.

During this commemoration, the Libyan people honor the courage of those who fought against the Gaddafi regime. On this day, all banks, schools and government offices are closed to celebrate a national holiday.

3. International Snow Leopard Day

According to the information on the Days of the Year page, October 23, 2014 is celebrated as International Snow Leopard Day. The aim is to highlight the importance of protecting snow leopards and raise awareness of the importance of this species. This day also highlights the urgency of putting an end to poaching and combining the efforts of environmental organizations in countries where snow leopards live.

This initiative comes from countries that cover the snow leopard habitat, such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Russia, Pakistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, India, China, Bhutan and Afghanistan. On October 23, 2013, these countries signed the Bishkek Declaration on Snow Leopard Conservation at the first Global Snow Leopard Forum held in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

4. Day of the month

Citing information sources from the Warung Science Technology page, Every year, on October 23 from 06:02 to 18:02, Mole Day is celebrated in honor of Avogadro’s number (6.02 x 10²³), which is a basic concept in chemical units.

This commemoration began with an article in The Science Teacher magazine in the early 1980s that inspired the creation of the National Mole Day Foundation in 1991. This celebration includes various chemistry activities that invite people to better understand the concept of moles.

Mole Day or Mole Day was created to spark interest in chemistry. In the United States and many countries, schools celebrate Mole Day with various activities related to chemistry or the mole unit.

5. Pontianak Town Hut

According to the information from the official website of Pontianak City Government, on 24 Rajab 1181 Hijriah or October 23, 1771 AD, Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie and his entourage cleared the forest on the border of three rivers, namely Landak River, the Kapuas Kecil River. and the Kapuas River.

They built a building as a place to live and named it Pontianak. Thanks to the leadership of Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie, the town of Pontianak became an important commercial center and port.

In 1192 AH, Syarif Abdurrahman Alkadrie was appointed the first Sultan of Pontianak. The center of government was marked by the construction of the Sultan Abdurrahman Alkadrie Grand Mosque and Kadariah Palace, currently located in Dalam Bugis village, Pontianak East district.


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