Link Net uses open caching solution and improves video streaming experience

Jakarta: Link Net, owner of the First Media brand, collaborates with Qwilt and Cisco on a content delivery network (CDN) solution to improve the quality and delivery capacity of streaming applications to more than 3 million homes across Indonesia.

This solution is expected to actively integrate Link Net into the content distribution value chain while enabling content providers to distribute their content with the expected quality.

Link Net will integrate Qwilt’s open caching-based architecture at the network edge to support growing volumes of content user data across the network and a better streaming experience for customers.

This partnership will enable Link Net to enhance its content delivery infrastructure and provide an open API (Application Programming Interface) to content providers who want to ensure the delivery of the highest quality content.

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To start, the integration will reach 27 cities across Indonesia to mark new momentum as Qwilt and Cisco work together with service providers to create the world’s largest CDN system that benefits content providers, services and consumers around the world.

Marlo Budiman, Chairman and CEO of Link Net said: This partnership helps prioritize providing quality experiences to customers.

“We will continue to develop and expand this partnership through the use of CDN solutions. By partnering with content providers, we can meet the growing demand for live streaming, video-on-demand and app services and ensure we remain consistent in delivering a high-quality experience.” , did he declare.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Qwilt to integrate our joint solution with Link Net. “Together, we were able to produce a platform that will meet the standards for today’s high-quality streaming experiences and become the foundation for future edge computing use cases,” said Theodore Tzevelekis, vice president of Cisco Networking. Link Net clients.

“We are delighted that Link Net is joining the global federation of service providers by integrating our Open Edge solution. “By leveraging the power of Open Caching, this will enable Link Net to deliver next-generation content experience across Indonesia and immediately play an active role in the content delivery value chain while expanding monetization opportunities in content delivery,” said Alon Maor, CEO and Co.-Founder of Qwilt.

Today, more than 150 service providers have partnered with Qwilt to enable Open Edge in their networks and serve more than 1 billion customers worldwide.

These service providers include Verizon in North America; BT in the UK; TIM Brazil and Telecom Argentina in Latin America; Airtel in India; J:COM in Asia-Pacific; as well as Telefónica and Vodafone Türkiye in the EMEA region.

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