Launch of the new Vespa GTS family range in Jakarta, responding to the various personalities of Vespisti

mobilinanews (Jakarta) PT Piaggio Indonesia is proud to launch the new family Vespa GT. The Vespa GTS is one of the most popular two-wheeled vehicles in the world following in the footsteps of the legendary “Vespone”, a name given to Vespa with big and wide body too made of steel, which provides more stability on the road and confidence when driving.

Thanks to its large size, the Vespa GTS is able to move elegantly around the city thanks to the increased engine performance, ready for long-distance trips or tours in various beautiful places in Indonesia.

Overall, the Vespa GT or Granturismo was born in 2023 with the arrival of the Vespa GT 125 and 200. The large Vespa family continued to grow in 2005 with the arrival of the 250 cc version of the Vespa GTS (Granturismo Sport ), and further performance improvements were made by engines up to 300 cc.

Technological advancements continued in 2016 when the Vespa GTS received the i-get engine upgrade. The next high-tech improvement was brought by the Vespa GTS in 2019, when the Vespa GTS Super Tech was born using the most powerful engine ever adopted on a Vespa, the 300cc HPE, and equipped with technology with a TFT display color.

After 20 years of evolution, the Vespa GTS line is now equipped with improvements in all aspects: safety, comfort, technology, attractive appearance and distinctive driving style.

The new Vespa GTS family range has been significantly improved incorporating the unique Vespa style and a series of technical improvements to ensure the safety and comfort of the vehicle, with a distinctive touch to styling details.

The latest Vespa GTS is available in three versions, each with its own characteristics, namely Classic Vespa GTS classy and elegant, Vespa GTS Super Sport hard, and Vespa GTS Supertech which has the latest technology.

Marco Noto La Diega, Managing Director and National CEO of PT Piaggio Indonesiasaid: “From generation to generation, Vespa has always offered authentic products that make it a lifestyle icon and a form of expression of the rider’s personality.

“Vespa has always evolved to perfectly represent Vespa excellence in every aspect, including design, performance and technology. Today the Vespa GTS has become an icon. unstoppable greatnessoffering satisfying technical details, optimal security and convenience,” explained Marco. (bs)

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