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Badminton News: “Ten years ago when we started supporting little Lakshya Sen and transferred him to Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy (PPBA) in Bangalore, Pak Prakash told me that one day this kid is going to take over the world. I laughed. t Just kidding.”

Sport may surprise you, in that you celebrate it for being denied. In the words of Viren Rasquinha, former Indian hockey captain and director and CEO of Olympic Gold Quest (OGQ), there is a prism of similar emotions that reflect pride, joy and a sense of accomplishment. .

Over the past six months, Lakshya Sen has continued to slay the giants on the pitch and his incredible pace has taken him to the final of the England Championships. He met Viktor Axelsen, the Danish legend he just dropped last week in Germany. But Axelsen’s homework left no chance. The result was a second All England title for him, in back-to-back games 21-10, 21-15 on Sunday.

“The score is not an indication of the intensity of the game,” Lakshya’s PPBA coach Vimal Kumar said in an interview with

“There is nothing to regret about yesterday’s defeat.”

Vimal had reasons for this opinion. Likewise with other people who have been part of Lakshya Sen’s journey so far.

Vimal Kumar reveals how hard Lakshya Sen has worked since he was young.

“Before, there was a curfew from 7 a.m. So they, Lakshya and his older brother (Chirag), would wake up at 5 a.m. and finish training and train at 7 a.m.,” he said. he told

“If we couldn’t get out, her dad made room in the house by moving furniture in the living room to make room. They practiced their service in that room and also did yoga sessions with me.”

Taking his first steps as a young player in Almora, racket and badminton obsession were commonplace for Lakshya Sen and Chirag as their father worked as a badminton coach.

“He gave his life for his children,” Lakshya’s mother said of her father’s contribution. “Almora mei sab kehte hain, iske papa ne hi isko banaya hai (everyone in his hometown, Almora says Lakshya’s father succeeded)”.

Lakshya and Chirag studied at Beersheba High School in Almora. Their mother worked as a teacher at the same school, before voluntarily retiring in 2018 to move to Bangalore.

“School has always been a great support for my children. They only go to school during exams after registering for the PPBA. Their father used to go out with them on exam days. He did all the training. He would take them up the hills to exercise and then they would practice on the pitch we had made in the backyard until it was time for the tests,” he recalled.

So pandemic and enforced lockdown aside, their dad’s dedication and sport is familiar.

“While many children were overweight during the lockdown, my son took advantage of it and got in shape…even Mr. Vimal enjoyed it when they returned to PPBA,” the mother further said. Lakshya at

Eight years in Bangalore, Lakshya is in the care of his own brother, Chirag, who is three years his senior, while their parents continue to work and commute between Almora and Bangalore.

“Chirag is almost like a parent to Lakshya,” the mother said.

According to Vimal, missing the Thomas & Uber Cup last September was very detrimental to Lakshya. But it also turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

The same day he received the news of his expulsion from the team, Lakshya received a call from Axelsen.

“Viktor invited Lakshya to train as a team in Dubai,” Vimal said.

“Going there, more than playing with Viktor and the others, he was very impressed with the way Viktor handled his business. He did everything himself, took responsibility.”

“When he came back and told me that, I said to him ‘that’s what the best players do, the professionals, that’s how they work. They don’t make excuses… you have a good training base, support, everything is fine. there… you have to get to the stage where India (federation) has to invite you and say please come and play, you are the best player for us and we need you. You have to aim for that kind of status, not (be) a fringe player,” Vimal added in a chat with

Lakshya Sen has been sensational over the past six months. She earned her first bronze medal at the world championships in December, before winning her first Super 500 title at the Indian Open in January and finishing second at the German Open last week.

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