Lakshya Sen will take the opportunity to train with Axelsen as best he can –

Badminton News: India’s world number 9 player, Lakshya Sen who will spend a week training with Denmak’s world number one player, Viktor Axelsen in Dubai, hopes to get some good practices ahead of back-to-back tournaments in Indonesia as well as in Malaysia.

This will be the second time Lakshya Sen has been part of a training program led by the 28-year-old Dane in the United Arab Emirates. Besides Lakshya, Lee Cheuk Yiu from Hong Kong, Cheam June Wei from Malaysia and world champion, Loh Kean Yew from Singapore also participated in this training (May 29 to June 5).

“It’s a good opportunity for me to practice the game with some of the best players in this training, I can have a high intensity training and I hope it will help me perform well in the tournaments to come,” said declared Lakshya to YOU.

Lakshya added that he and Axelsen will also train for two weeks in Malaysia at their national training center in Kuala Lumpur ahead of the Malaysian Open 2022.

“After two tournaments in Indonesia, there is not much time left for the next event in Malaysia. So we thought it would be better to fly directly to Kuala Lumpur than to return to our respective countries and then travel and deal with the situation. We asked permission to train there, and the authorities approved it,” he added.

Lakshya, who helped India win the Thomas Cup for the first time last month, will compete at the Indonesia Masters (June 7-12), Indonesia Open (June 14-19) and the Malaysian Open (June 28-July 3).

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