Kemenpora explains reasons not to quit 14 sports for SEA Games 2021

As already explained, the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports has set the Olympics as the main objective in the Grand Design of National Sport (DBON). SEA Games only a target between the Asian Games and the Olympic Games. So, the first category of sports sent to the SEA Games are 14 sports that are included in the DBON minus one sport because they are not competing at the SEA Games 2021.

“There are about 14 sports in DBON, of course those who will have the chance to win gold, silver and bronze medals, we already have an analysis of all these 14 sports”,

These 13 sports include weightlifting, athletics, cycling, badminton, rowing (canoe/kayak-dragon boat), rowing, karate, shooting, archery, pencak silat , swimming, gymnastics, taekwondo and wushu.

Second, namely the sports that are not included in the DBON. However, he is considered to have the potential to win medals in 18 sports.

“There are 18 sports that are not DBON. However, there is potential for gold and silver, so we are leaving. We did not immediately accept it, because we reviewed with the team of If it was a review with the DBON team or a team from the Ministry of Youth and Sports or a review with a team that in NOC or KOI,” he said.

The 18 non-DBON sports include boxing, indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, bowling, chess, jujitsu, judo, tennis, triathlon, sepak takraw, kickboxing, soccer, e-sports , fencing, basketball, wrestling, diving, vovinam and golf.

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