Kamal Hassan wears blue to promote “Vikram” on French Riviera

Actor Kamal Hassan, member of the Indian delegation to the 75th Cannes Film Festival, promotes his upcoming film, Name Vikram, on the booming Côte d’Azur. In a new photo of the star, which has been circulating on the internet, Kamal Hassan looks stylish in a soft blue suit as he poses for the camera.

The actor opted for a plain white t-shirt with a fitted blue jacket and matching pants. Meanwhile, his entire appearance was draped in sunglasses and a tattered beard.

Kamal Hassan promotes ‘Name VikramAt Cannes 2022

In one of the images, the South Star is seen displaying a poster of the NFT’Name VikramWhen capturing pauses for the camera. Needless to say fans loved it. Look at the pictures below:

Name Vikram indian trailer outdoors

On May 19, the creators of Name Vikram He also revealed a trailer for the upcoming Indian action. This comes just two days after the trailer for the Tamil film went viral on the internet. that Name Vikram This promotional film features Kamal Hassan as the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Jungle’ protagonist. It begins with a touching dialogue translated into English: “Lions, tigers and leopards will roam in search of their prey, but the stag will save his life. But if the sun goes down, the animals that will survive will witness a new dawn. Only nature decides, but in this forest, nature will not decide when, where, and who will witness the dawn.

The new film seems to be doing well in its action-packed sequences and engaging dialogue. To see Name Vikram Hindi trailer below:

Kamal Hassan at Cannes 2020 will release NFT related to his upcoming film Name Vikram. It has partnered with Fantico, Vistas Media Capital, to launch the first metaverse experience. Hassan wrote during his social media announcement:Name Vikram Metaverse attacks. The highly anticipated Vikram NFT will launch at http://Vikram.vistaverse.io today at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.”

Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, Name Vikram It featured a prolific ensemble cast including Fahad Vasil and Vijay Sethupati. Apart from them, Kalidas Jayaram, Naren, Sampath Ram, Anthony Varghese and Arjun Das will also appear to play key roles.

Photo: Twitter / @sri50

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