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NEW DELHI: Speech at a congratulatory ceremony by Association of Indian Americans in San Francisco, Chief Justice NV Ramana said Saturday the ignorance of the organs of government’s constitutionally prescribed roles and responsibilities, vigorously promoted by the public, is helping forces bent on overthrowing the only independent organ – the judiciary. That CJI added: “Let me get it straight. We are solely responsible to the Constitution and the Constitution.”
Democracy means participation by all stakeholders in nation-building, the CJI said, citing the example of America, which has attracted and integrated talent from around the world into the country. He said: “A nation that welcomes everyone with open arms, a nation that assimilates all cultures and a nation that honors every language must necessarily be progressive, peaceful and dynamic. This character promotes prosperity.”
Judge Ramana said every country must honor diversity while practicing inclusivity. “This principle of inclusivity is universal. It must be honored everywhere in the world, including in India. Inclusivity strengthens the unity in society, which is the key to peace and progress. We must focus on issues that unite us. Not on those who divide us… A non-inclusive approach is an invitation to disaster,” he said.
The CJI commended the tremendous effort being made by Indians to make a name for themselves in the software and business space in the US, saying, “I am very pleased to learn that 50% of the business-to-business startups in Silicon Valley are this founded, financed or operated by Indians. This will inspire and motivate Indians everywhere.”
The CJI commended Native Americans in America for not forgetting their roots despite achieving laudable business successes in the US, saying, “You have always been an active contributor to the welfare of India. In your own way, you helped build two nations at the same time. You have never lost sight of your ancestral land and its culture.”
“It is time that India and the Indians take proper advantage of your talents. For this to happen, you must start thinking as a leader and not as one of thousands of employees… I’m not suggesting that you should sacrifice your comforts and guaranteed income here. However, you should not shy away from risks. Risk and reward often go hand in hand. Focus on innovation. Focus on establishing yourself as a leader. Start thinking like an employer and not like an employee,” he said.

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