January 14, International Kite Day begins in Gujarat, India

TEMPO.CO, JakartaKite is a game tool made of thin sheets or framed paper that uses a rope or wire as a control. Kites can fly through the air using wind power.

Not only in Indonesia, kites are also played by many people around the world, even kites have Fsummery separately. Today, January 14, is International Kite Day.

Launched from happydays365.org, it turns out that International Kite Day, celebrated since 1989, originated in India. In Gujarat (the Indian state located west of India) kite flying has become a regional or regional event. The day is known as the International Kite Festival or in Hindi is called Uttarayan. The commemoration is considered one of the biggest celebrations of the festival.

Uttarayan itself for farmers and cultivators is a sign of the harvest season. Traditionally, the day is called Makara Sankranti which according to the Indian calendar is the day when the sun returns for the harvest. It is considered one of the most important harvest days in India. Not only that, the Uttarayan festival is also a symbol that shows the awakening of the gods from their deep sleep.

Initially, flying a kite was the sport of kings. But then kite flying became a popular sport for anyone who wanted to fly it. A few months before the festival, the people of Gujarat will start making kites for the festival. This is done so that people who visit the festival can buy kites.

January 14 was chosen as it was the day of the Uttarayan festival in India marks the beginning of summer after the change of winter. Therefore, International Kite Day is not just about kites. Because this day is also the day of the international kite festival or Uttarayan which marks the beginning of summer in India.


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