Investment in Indonesia reaches IDR 790 trillion

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – India’s investment in Indonesia has almost reached US$55 billion, or about Rp790 trillion (assuming Rp14,300/US$). However, this result is not a direct investment between the two countries.

India’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Manoj Kumar Bharti, said India’s investment in Indonesia has almost reached US$1.5 billion (21.5 trillion rupees) over the past 20 years.

“This figure is not entirely accurate as there are a number of larger investments from India to Indonesia via Singapore,” Manoj said on CNBC Indonesia’s Prime Words program on Wednesday ( 5/1/2022).

“Many Indian companies that have branches in Singapore have invested in Indonesia. If you take this investment into account, it can be said that India’s investment in Indonesia has reached nearly $55 billion.

Manoj explained that his country is currently trying to see and find out what the obstacles are to making direct investments from India to Indonesia without passing through Singapore.

India itself, Manoj said, sees the coal mining and textile sectors as prime targets for Indian investors. But over time, their focus shifted to new technologies.

“Like software, medicinal raw materials, light medical equipment. These are areas we are focusing on from the Embassy’s perspective,” he explained.

He added that there are several areas of interest for Indian companies in Indonesia which will be the main targets, including the pharmaceutical sector.

“We have chosen almost 19 different sectors for our investments and future activities. We are also leading the affairs of the two countries, in which India and Indonesia have contributed and shown how positive the relationship between the two countries looks. investment,” he concluded.

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