International press overview – Headlines: The war is winding down on Russian soil and putting pressure on the Kremlin

Everything has changed, the war has now come to the doorsteps of Russian citizens », give it a title New York Time who telephoned half a dozen residents of Belgorod, a Russian region bordering Ukraine, where bombings and attacks by pro-Ukrainian militias have multiplied in recent days. ” More than 4,000 people had to be evacuated “, run away from this news” the front settled on Russian soil “, underlined the American daily newspaper and which brutally plunged the inhabitants of Belgorod and neighboring villages” in the horrors of war unfolding on their doorstep in Ukraine “. Russia confessed their fear “but also everything” their hatred of the authorities they believed had failed to protect them “.” In Moscow they don’t understand what’s going on here “, denounced a resident of Belgorod “ on TV they don’t even talk about it, while the drone strike on Moscow is in the news, full of reports “.” Why didn’t anyone come to help us? Save Belgorod! “Also asked a student in a video that went viral on the internet, his party reported El País. ” Public criticism of the war increased also underline Suddeutsche Zeitung who quoted the statement of MP Konstantin Zatulin, from the side “ United Russia from President Putin while supporting the war in Ukraine “wailing” failures and mistakes of Moscow which in 15 months of war has not been able to show the slightest success “. A review “ unusual from a Russian deputy, the German daily noted.

The Kremlin’s silence, Putin’s oddly cautious

As the Russian-Ukrainian border burned, and residents of affected areas sought military protection, Putin kept his agenda intact “, comment El País. No change in strategy on the part of the Kremlin is ” claims to have control of the situation “.” On June 1, when Belgorod was already burning under Ukrainian shells “, reported the Spanish daily, “ the Russian president admits to sleeping well at night and exercising, which he says helps him work “.” In fact, Putin’s plan is to wait for Western aid to Kyiv “, analyzes a Russian political scientist in El País, and the possible weakness in the Ukrainian counter-attack which would lead to “ political changes in Kyiv “. If not, he further explained, the president is ready to step up, with plans to destroy Kiev, Odessa, Karkhov, and other major Ukrainian cities “.

security failure in cœur train tragedy in india

Horrifying images of this third winding train, whose collision killed nearly 300 people last Friday in the east of the country, are on the front pages of many daily newspapers, such as The washington post all pointing fingers safety concerns of India’s rail system which carries 22 million passengers daily “. If “ Preliminary investigative reports indicate a failure of the electronic security system », « human error is not ruled out “, noteIndian Express that highlights the danger from a really congested rail system, which explains the poor safety outcome “.” India has spent a lot of money on new, comfortable and efficient trains, but the wallet is much tighter when it comes to ensuring the safety of those who are already traveling. “, also note New York Time. Enough to “ shaking up India’s Prime Minister candidate for re-election next year “, still believe the American daily “ It is Narendra Modi who will inaugurate the last train of the new high-speed train series that day “.

Trump’s congratulations to Kim Jong-un did not bypass the Republican camp

A ” true flood of criticism “against a former president who because of it” congratulated Kim Jong-un for North Korea joining the board of WHO, the World Health Organization “, Report FoxNews emphasizing that ” praise from the dictator by Trump was immediately condemned by all his Republican rivals in the race for the White House. ” Specifically Mike Pence, his former vice president, who will announce his candidacy this week “, Report Republika who also cites the violent attack of his former national security adviser John Bolton for whom “ this proves that Trump is unfit to lead “.

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