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Again and again wolves kill livestock like sheep and cows. But in Germany there are strict requirements for hunting wolves. How do other countries deal with wild animals? import ideasforeign podcasts from daily Newslook to the US and India.

Again and again, German politics at the federal and state levels is dealing with wolves. Because in 2020 alone, 3,959 sheep, cows, goats and other livestock were killed, injured or lost by wolves – much to the dismay of farmers. Hence, there are regular calls for no wolf zones and easier wolf hunting.

Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke recently spoke out in favor of killing so-called “problem wolves”, that is, wolves that have learned to climb fences and get too close to humans.

California: a wilderness with star potential

A much more relaxed approach to wildlife can be observed in Los Angeles. Black bears, cougars and coyotes regularly enter the city area. Some predators enjoy real cult status among the population.

Puma with the scientific name P22 has been the topic of local news for years and even got obituaries in the newspapers after his death. And when bears get lost on patios and ponds, people are more likely to use their phones to film them than to call for help.

Tells the story of encounters with wild animals that are part of everyday life in Los Angeles ARD correspondent Catherine William.

Return to the wild after being drugged: This bear has splashed out in a swimming pool in Los Angeles (USA).

India: creativity for elephants, tigers and more.

350 different species of mammals live in India, including such large ones as the Indian elephant, tiger and leopard. In 2023, India also replaces China as the most populous country – conflicts between animals and humans are inevitable.

To enable the most peaceful co-existence, India relies on various strategies, from animal corridors to wide dissemination of information among the population. ARD correspondent Peter Hornung explained deeply import ideas also the role humans have played in the increase in often dangerous encounters.

Hunger drove these leopards to the Indian city of Guwahati. When rocks were thrown at him by local residents, he took cover behind a bicycle.

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For the many questions that pop up again and again in everyday life, there are guaranteed to be good ideas, role models and possible solutions somewhere in the world: What’s a better way to deal with the sharp rise in energy prices? What to do to eat healthier? Why do people in other countries sometimes live longer?

Foreign podcasts daily News seek and find them – along with correspondents in 30 foreign studios in ARD. import ideas wanted to look beyond the proverbial box and provide fresh ideas for new inputs into political and social debates.

import ideas appears every second Friday. You can listen to the podcast anytime at home or on your smartphone – every second Friday morning you will find new episodes on our website, where ARD audio library and on many other podcast platforms.

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