Inspired by Tamil script, this is the meaning of the Threads logo, SOLO – CEO instagram Adam Mosseri explains the meaning of logos new request made Meta, Son.

Meta on Thursday (6/7/2023) launched a new social media connected to Instagram, namely Threads.

The appearance of Threads was immediately welcomed by social media users.

The proof, only on the first day of the launch this application has attracted more than 30 million users.

This text application uses the “@” symbol with slight modifications as its logo. Font alias font in Threads logo uses Sans Serif like Instagram.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri explained the meaning of the Threads logo, which resembles the “@” symbol.

According to Mosseri, the logo is inspired by classic internet symbols representing usernames, independence and opinion.

Moreover, Mosseri said that they were inspired by the Tamil script, namely the question mark “?” which reads “my”.

Tamil script is commonly used in India and Sri Lanka. The Tamil alphabet has 12 vowels and 18 consonants with a unique and slightly complicated shape.

Mosseri added, the Threads logo is also done with a continuous line. The philosophy is like a user creating a thread without being cut.

“Son logo inside [font] Instagram Sans, inspired by the @ sign, represents a username, an individual, and a person’s opinion. [Logo] It was designed by @rourkery, @jezburrows and others. It’s a one-dash line, inspired by the loop in the app when the thread starts,” Adam Mosseri wrote via Threads.

Mosseri’s explanation at the same time answered many users’ curiosity about the Threads logo.

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