India’s Wuling Air ev twin gets fancy features, there’s a voice command feature


Wuling Air ev’s twin in India, MG Comet, will get advanced features in the form of voice commands, also known as voice commands. No kidding, this voice feature will be available in a choice of Hinglish languages ​​(Hindi and English), including Indian with different dialects. In Indonesia, Wuling Air ev adopted the voice control function first.

As quoted from MotoroidsMG Cars India has entered into a partnership with a telecommunications company in India, Jio, which will bring Jio connectivity features along with Hinglish voice control features on MG Comet.

Later, MG Comet will get several important features, such as Jio Powered Hinglish voice control, music app, payment app, hardware and other advanced connectivity features. The car will also have an integrated e-SIM from Jio to install in their infotainment system.

Jio themselves have trained their Jio Voice Assistant service to be able to speak many Indian languages, different dialects and different tones. The new voice assistant can be activated by saying Hello Jio for in-car voice commands with the word “Hello Jio”.

This voice command feature can perform many functions, such as reading news, horoscopes and others. Apart from this, users can also control the air conditioner, play music or even inquire about the details of a cricket match.

MG Cars India itself already has the voice command technology. However, this feature is not optimal as there are still many issues encountered while using it.

In Indonesia, Wuling Air ev also received a voice command function. This voice command feature can perform Indonesian and is called Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND).

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