India’s first Apple Store opening date

Apple today announced that the first two Apple Stores in India will open next week. It will be April 18 for BKC Apple Store in Bombay and April 20 for Saket store in Delhi.

The new stores mark a significant expansion in India that will provide a new way to browse, experience and buy Apple products, with great customer service and experiences.”show company in a statement.

The Saket Apple Store Barricade was inaugurated today and features a design that draws inspiration from Delhi’s many gates, each one marking a new chapter in the city’s past history. This colorful artwork commemorates India’s second Apple store, located right in the heart of the nation’s capital. Starting April 20, customers can stop by to learn about the latest Apple product lines, find creative inspiration, and get support from the team.

Also, today at Apple repair shop called Mumbai Rising was announced. It will be available till summer at the BKC Apple Store in Bombay. Bringing together local diners, artists and creators, the session will feature hands-on activities with Apple products and services that celebrate Mumbai’s local community and culture.

As a reminder, Apple has been wanting to open its own physical store in India for a long time. It was tricky, but the group got there in the end.

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