Indian sports chief transforms into glittering helicopter for Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead)

If you like zombie TV shows, there's a good chance you're a fan of The Walking Dead. And if you're a fan of the series, we know you love Daryl Dixon aka Norman Reedus. However, when you take out the zombies in Reedus' world, the Hollywood star is a die-hard motorcyclist like all of us who would love to own a trick motorcycle. And that's why he's making headlines as we speak.

You see, the Hollywood star is a longtime customer of Los Angeles-based bike manufacturer Powerplant Motorcycles. So when Indian Motorcycles came to the shop to create a custom version based on their new Sport Chief, Reedus couldn't help but be part of the project. The result is a brilliant cruiser inspired by SoCal helicopters of the past that not only Norman but even you will drool over.


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Indian Custom Sports Boss Norman Reedus Looks Super Hot

President of India Sports 2023 Norman Reedus Full 1

The whole thing looks quite elegant, doesn't it?

The Indian sports chief is already a handsome and mature traveler with plenty of old school charm. But Powerplant firmly believes that things can always improve. So the shop repositioned the rear shock mount and swingarm to make room for thinner wheels, which reduced the weight of the heavy cruiser. A closer look also reveals a custom ducktail bumper, paired with a new passenger grab handle that houses smoked LED taillights, just like an old-school chopper. A similar treatment follows at the end, thanks to new missing wings and reduced wheels. The OEM headlights and fascia remain unchanged.

An aggressive new paint job adds to the charm. It incorporates a dark root beer basecoat, highlighted by flame stripe decals on the front mask and tank. You also get three-inch grilles on the tank and side panels to mimic the old hot rods and match the OEM fairing parts. There's also a lot more chrome on it, especially when you compare it to the blacked-out Sport Chief.

Norman Reedus 2023 Indian Sports Chief 2 Details

What you see here are custom eight-inch risers, two inches longer than the OEM setup.

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A slimmer custom fuel tank adds to the aesthetics. Not only is it taller (with new mounting points), but it also goes with a vintage snakeskin saddle. And once you climb aboard, you're greeted by a giant eight-inch handlebar (built in-house by Powerplant) and serrated foot levers. All hand levers, TFT dashboard, stereo and electronics (cruise control, driving modes, ABS, connectivity) remain original.

Revised base adds power to Sports Boss

Norman Reedus 2023 Indian Sports Chief Details 1

You can never go wrong with matching sprockets and wheels

Under the skin, the custom Sport Chief incorporates the original chassis. However, everything around him had changed, at least in some way. For example, the 19/16-inch wheels give way to 19/18-inch seven-spoke chrome custom rims (F/R). The new front end also features aftermarket Lyndall disc brakes (smaller but enhanced by OEM Brembo calipers), made possible by narrow KYB inverted forks. Meanwhile, chrome sprockets and chain complete the rear wheel, as do chrome shock absorbers.

What about the engine, you ask? Well, like most brand-sponsored releases, Powerplant doesn't do much here. So the Sport Chief uses the same power from the Thunderstorm 116 V-twin that produces 120 pound-feet, all sent to the rear wheels via a six-speed transmission. The shop, however, replaced the stock exhaust with a stainless steel unit fitted with a RedThunder tube. This creates the rumbling note of exhaustion you can hear in YouTube videos.

This is Norman Reedus' first Indian motorcycle

President of India Sports 2023 Norman Reedus Full 2

Unlike the original Sport Chief, there's a lot of chrome here.

The upgrades mentioned above make this Sport Chief a great cruiser that combines old-school chopper charm with a high level of form and function. All that's left is for Norman Reedus to go a few miles, which we know the actor can't wait to do. After all, this monster cruiser is its first Indian-made motorcycle in its 54 years of life. He revealed that he had always wanted an Indian, but could never drive one, let alone bring one home – a dream that has now come true.

However, he has some drool-worthy motorcycles in his collection. The list includes a 2008 Harley-Davidson Sportster, a CB750 modified to mimic his ride in The Walking Dead, and a Triumph Tiger 800, as well as a custom Harley-Davidson Knucklehead and FXR, both built by Powerplant. Oh, and Reedus also had his own five-season TV show – Ride With Norman Reedus – in which he interviewed like-minded celebrities while touring America. It is available on Amazon Prime and is a must-have for Norman fans.

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