Indian Society’s ‘Haunted’ Fake News, Government Immediately Blocks 22 YouTube Channels

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Indian society is “haunted” by the rise of fake news, aka fake news.

There is no doubt that this condition makes some people and social media users restless.

In response to this, the Indian government immediately blocked 22 YouTube channels that often produce and broadcast fake news on Tuesday (5/4/2022).

The blocking action was led by India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, after the 22 YouTube accounts were caught spreading pranks containing misinformation that could disrupt public order and security national in India.

“Several YouTube channels are used to post fake news on various topics such as the Indian Armed Forces,” the Indian government said in a statement quoted by The Star.

India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that out of the 22 blocked accounts, 14 of them were from India while the rest were from Pakistan.

The total blocked YouTube channel has 2.6 billion viewers.

This blocking policy has recently started to be implemented diligently by the Indian government after inaugurating the new IT rules in 2021 yesterday.

As carried out from December to January, the Indian Ministry of Information blocked 55 channels from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

It is observed that the circulation of fake news in India is increasing every year.

With the publication of this regulation, it is hoped that it will reduce the circulation of fake news or false news by removing content that could lead to misguided public opinion.

This article was published on with the title “22 YouTube channels have been blocked for frequently broadcasting fake content”

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