Indian Muslim women face discrimination at work

Discrimination has existed for years.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, NEW DELHI — Wafa, 30, is a Muslim woman from India who over the years have studied and thought about wearing the hijab when applying for a job. Last year, Wafa interviewed for a position at a public relations firm.

Everything went well. From the selection process to the interview. There were even hints that he might accept the next selection meeting. But the atmosphere changed when he was asked about his presence at the party.

“Are you able to attend the party?” the interviewer told Wafa.

He then never heard from the company again. Looking for work elsewhere, Wafa applied for a job as a content writer at a company that creates written content about Hinduism, after which he received a call for an interview.

After Wafa said she was wearing a headscarf, the interviewer said she would get back to him after speaking with her manager. Then he never heard from them again.

“It’s happened many times. My outward appearance is judged more than what’s in my head. I feel bad because I’m not being judged based on my qualifications. I’m being judged on how I am. ‘dress up,” Wafa said, as quoted by Antara. the sons, Tuesday (8/3).

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