Indian military revolution, look for younger troops

JAKARTA – The Indian army is reviewing its recruitment process for personnel of certain ranks. The goal is for young people to be able to deploy younger, fitter troops to the front lines.

India borders Pakistan and has a number of conflicts. Not to mention the Himalayan dispute in the highlands with China.

But India is one of the largest armed forces in the world with around 1.38 million personnel.

Soldiers were recruited by the army, separately and usually for a period of up to 17 years from the lowest rank.

Under the new system, men and women between the ages of 17 and 21 will be integrated into the armed forces. Many of them are serving a maximum sentence of four years.

A total of 46,000 soldiers will be recruited this year on four-year contracts, a quarter of which should be retained at the end of this term.

“This program will enhance the country’s security and provide our young people with opportunities for military service,” Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told reporters in New Delhi.

In the Indian army, the largest of its three forces, the average age will rise from 32 to 26, said its chief, General Manoj Pande.

“A younger profile will help train troops in new technologies more easily, and their health and fitness level will be much better,” Singh said.

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