Indian Citizen Calls for Muslim Genocide Until Foreign Media Highlights the Archipelago

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

A number of events animated the international news on Wednesday (19/1) of the foreign media to underline Archipelago so name new capital Indonesia until an extremist Hindu India calling for genocide towards the people Muslim aroused much criticism.

Here is a flash of yesterday’s international news.

Foreign media point out that the archipelago will be the new capital of Indonesia

International media have highlighted the steps taken by the government of President Joko Widodo to name Nusantara as the new Indonesian capital of East Kalimantan replacing Jakarta.

The British newspaper The Guardian pointed out that the move to the Indonesian capital was decided because DKI Jakarta “is going to sink”.

In its article titled “Indonesia names new capital archipelago, replacing sinking Jakarta”, The Guardian said the Indonesian government hopes that moving the capital can ease the burden on Jakarta, a city of 10 million of inhabitants known for its traffic jams and frequent flooding.

Besides The Guardian, an American media, CNN, also reported the same. American newspaper, The Washington Post; US media, Bloomberg; the Saudi news agency Al Arabiya; German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW); Japanese media, Nikkei Asia; to a Singapore newspaper, The Straits Times also reported the name of the new capital of Indonesia.

Without mercy, Xi Jinping reaffirms the death penalty for the corrupt in China

Chinese President and General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xi Jinping has vowed to maintain a firm and ruthless attitude towards corruption in the country. The death penalty for corrupters will remain Xi Jinping’s policy.

Xi made the statement again during a speech at the 19th plenary meeting of the BPK’s Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) on Tuesday (1/18).

“Some unhealthy tendencies that had been out of control for a long time have been brought under control, many problems that have plagued us for a long time have been overcome, and the potential for serious harm in the Party, the state and the military has been eradicated” , Xi said at the meeting, quoted by Reuters. Xinhua.

Xi urged continued efforts to achieve strategic goals so that officials are not brave, incompetent and have no desire for corruption.

Indian Hindu extremist calls for genocide of Muslims

A Hindu extremist in India was seen calling for the slaughter of Muslims at a conference in Haridwar, Uttarakhand state, last month.

“If 100 of us become soldiers and prepare to kill two million (Muslims), then we will win, protect India and make it a Hindu nation,” said extreme party member Pooja Shakun Pandey. straight Hindu Mahasabha. video of the event those who are scattered.

In the recording, it can be seen that Pandey’s appeal was enthusiastically received by the crowd of onlookers.

Outside India, the video sparked public anger. Even though this incident happened a month ago, many people are angry that the Indian government did not respond to comments containing hate speech.

Sinking, 6 illegal TKIs killed by drowning in Malaysian waters

Six Indonesian citizens (WNI) drowned in Malaysian waters. The incident happened after the sinking of the ship carrying the six Indonesian citizens on Tuesday (18/1). The six Indonesian citizens are designated by the Malaysian authorities as illegal Indonesian workers (TKI) who want to enter Malaysian territory.

The bodies of the six people were found on Tuesday afternoon after the vessel carrying 13 passengers sank in the waters of Pulau Pisang, Pontian Besar, State of Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The vessel is said to have attempted to enter Malaysian territory illegally.

“The vessel carrying 13 Unlicensed Foreign Migrants (PATI) or Illegal Migrant Workers witnessed six of the victims,” ​​the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (APPM), quoted by ANTARA, wrote on Wednesday (19/ 1).

To throw AFPsenior coast guard official Nurul Hizam Zakaria said fishermen reported the incident after finding six people drowned not far from the water.

Authorities and fishermen later found the other victims just before the search ended at 4 p.m. local time.


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