India will follow China in manufacturing the iPhone 14s

Foxconn’s India factory will participate in the launch of the new iPhones this year, but the country’s factories have not been able to do so simultaneously with their Chinese cousins, who are well established in the exercise..

While some at Apple and Foxconn hope to see the Chinese iPhone 14 assembly line, as well as the new one in India, kick off at the same time, that won’t be the case with this new generation of phones, a educated Bloomberg.

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Officially, Apple and its partners in Taiwan are aware of the difficulties that exist in synchronizing Indian factories with their models in China. Simple logistics, for shipping parts from China, poses many difficulties with the recurring health crises.

Not to mention the problems faced a few months ago by poor management of the living conditions of employees, which led to a protest movement.

Foxconn will manufacture more iPhones in India

Foxconn will manufacture more iPhones in India

India: l

India: unfit Foxconn factories to partially reopen

However, making India a leading manufacturing location remains a strong objective. Because Apple still intends to reduce its dependence on China in the face of lasting complications caused by Sino-American relations.

Apple continues to work to reduce dependence on China

Apple continues to work to reduce dependence on China

Instead of starting production concurrently, initial efforts will focus on lines in China to successfully complete the first phase of the new range’s rollout, then India to follow from late October or November. Lag, therefore, but significantly reduced compared to the 6 to 9 months applicable to previous generations (Apple started assembling iPhones in India in 2017).

Apple and Foxconn should also strive to enforce the same strict confidentiality and security rules inside a factory installed in Chennai, in southern India, just east of Bangalore. Consideration has been given to isolating the entire Foxconn plant and keeping employees on site to prevent leaks. Recently, Economic Age has given the number of employees is 8,000 people.

Another fear reported by Bloomberg it is the custom of the local customs to open incoming shipments to the country to check the adequacy of the declaration form. Which is another risk factor for information leakage.

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