India urges UN to resume dialogue on Ukraine conflict

Kamboj said the war of the past 17 months had brought much misery to the Ukrainian population, especially women, children and the elderly.

“India continues to be concerned about the situation in Ukraine. We are concerned about recent developments where peace and stability are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve,” Kamboj was quoted as saying. ANI News on Friday (7/21).

Kamboj cited Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks that we are not in an era of war. He therefore urged the UN to refocus its efforts to end the war through peaceful negotiations.

“We urge the UN to immediately take various measures to end the military conflict and return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy,” he stressed.

Speaking about India’s role in promoting peace in Ukraine, Kamboj said his country’s approach would continue to be people-centric.

“We are providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine and economic support to some of our neighbors in the southern hemisphere who are under economic pressure,” he explained.

Kamboj added that India supports the UN Secretary-General’s efforts to continue the Black Sea Grains Initiative and hopes for an early resolution to the current impasse.

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