India: Transport Minister wants to replace horn with Indian music

And if, instead of the annoying honking sound, we play a little note on the harmonica? After all, this was the idea of ​​Nitin Gadkari, India’s Minister of Transport.

“I am studying this matter and I plan to soon enact a law so that the horns of all vehicles follow the sound of Indian musical instruments, so that they are more pleasant to hear,” he told local residents. press.

Concretely, the blaring horn that places Bombay and New Delhi among the noisiest cities in the world can be replaced by flutes, violins or even harmonicas.

The ambulance siren, which Nitin Gadkari finds “annoying”, can also be replaced with a little soothing music. The Minister gave an example of morning songs broadcast by All India radio.

If this initiative may seem unusual, even a little ridiculous, it should be remembered that horns are a real problem in India. Drivers use it wholeheartedly, much like a rearview mirror or accelerator pedal. Too slow car: horn. A light turns red: horn. A crossroads with priority: the horn. Many trucks even drive with signs prompting cars to honk to signal their intention to overtake.

Beyond stress, this hustle and bustle can cause hearing problems and sleep disturbances. Therefore, India is looking for a magic solution. Last year, Bombay police, for example, had the idea of ​​extending the duration of a red light when the noise level exceeded 85 decibels.

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