India: she tied her daughter to the roof in the sun to punish her for not doing her duty

The video of a 5 year old girl tied up in the sun on her roof has gone viral.

Videos shot by neighbors

The local police have opened an investigation after a video of a 5-year-old girl being tied to the roof of a house in the city of Delhi (India) circulated on social networks and was widely commented on by internet users. It was the neighbor filming the little girl writhing and screaming in pain in the hot (42 degrees) sun.

The boy remained on this roof for no less than ten minutes. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Kumar Sain quoted by Indian media Hindustan Timenotified: “After verification, the house shown in the video has been located in Khajuri Khas neighborhood.”

“My wife has sentenced our daughter to severe punishment”

During the trial, the girl’s mother admitted to tying her daughter to the roof to punish her for not doing her homework. The girl’s father was not at home when the incident occurred. He also gave his version of the facts by saying that his wife was angry and punished small.

According to his testimony: “I received a call from my father, who told me that my wife had given our daughter a severe sentence and I had to go home. He then said that when he got home, his father told him “after seeing the boy on the terrace on his return, and that he had set him free”. “(…) When my father said that, I reprimanded my wife but the next day, a relative sent me the video”he continued.

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