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The Nipah virus has been detected again in India. According to the WHO, this can lead to death. It is transmitted, among other things, from person to person.

The Nipah virus is transmitted from person to person. Two people have now died from it in India; Public life was therefore restricted in the affected regions.

Authorities Thursday public gatherings prohibited as well as many schools in the state of Kerala, in the south of the country, closed, reports the AFP news agency.

Three other people are also said to have been infected with the virus. According to AFP, more than 700 people under observationbecause they were in contact with infected people. 150 healthcare professionals are also affected.

The Nipah virus causes flu-like symptoms when infected. Of dying encephalitis and coma is also under discussion. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers Nipah virus a pathogen with the potential to cause a global epidemic.

The mortality rate from Nipah virus is 40 to 75 percent

A There is no vaccine or medicineAccording to the WHO, the mortality rate is 40 to 75 percent. There was already an outbreak of the Nipah virus in Kerala in 2018. Politician and health expert KK Shailaja said, according to Tagesschau, that the current outbreak is not as worrying as the one back then.

“In 2018, it was a new virus for us and we had no experience in fighting such an infection. “Now we have everything we need to contain it effectively,” Kerala’s health minister at the time was quoted as saying.

Discovered in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999

The Dasi Nipah virus is transmitted to humans by flying foxes, bats or pigs. The virus can also be transmitted through contaminated food or direct person-to-person contact.

According to the RKI, it was discovered in Malaysia and Singapore in 1999. At that time, around 300 people fell ill and more than a hundred died. Later, epidemics broke out in Bangladesh and India.

Sources:AFP, daily news

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