India requires wheat buyers to make a written “No Re-Export” vow

NEW DELHI/ GENEVA: India insists that countries importing wheat from it provide written insurance against re-export and use the grain for human consumption only.
On Wednesday, the UAE ordered a four-month suspension of exports and re-exports of wheat and wheat flour from India, following a decision made last week. Other countries importing wheat from India introduce a similar exemption.
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Singapore have been identified as destinations for wheat shipments based on a set of parameters developed by a government panel.
In a statement, the UAE Ministry of Economy said the decision was taken in light of international developments that have impacted trade flows and in “recognition of the solid and strategic ties linking the UAE and India”, particularly following the signing of the comprehensive economic partnership agreement between the two countries. It added that India has approved exports of wheat to the UAE for domestic consumption.
The export and re-export restriction applies to all types of wheat – durum, common and soft – and wheat flour, the ministry said. It added that companies wishing to export and re-export wheat and wheat flours of Indian origin imported into the country before May 13 must apply to the ministry for an export permit for countries outside the UAE. “You must submit all documents and files that will help verify the data on the shipment in terms of provenance, transaction date and any other documents that the Department may require in this regard,” the statement said.
Shortly after announcing the severe export ban on wheat, the Indian government had said it did not want the wheat going unchecked to places where it might just be hoarded or not used for the purpose New Delhi was hoping for.
Earlier this month, Union Food and Trade Minister Piyush Goyal said India had imposed a condition that wheat exported from government to government should only be used for domestic consumption and not exported to third countries.

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