India remains an important partner of the West

SSince the start of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, India has significantly increased its oil imports from Russia. The government in New Delhi thereby strengthened relations which had been more or less stable for decades and which have manifested itself mainly in military equipment of Soviet-Russian production for the Indian armed forces.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a very ambivalent stance on Russia’s war. The head of government stuck to it during his visit to Berlin. He expressed a natural desire for peace in Ukraine and mentioned all the problems caused by the Russian attack. But he did not mention the originator of all these problems. That’s a shame.

India is experiencing climate change firsthand

Nonetheless, India remains an important, albeit difficult, partner for the West. However, the invitation to the G7 summit in Bavaria in the summer is a great expression of appreciation. In the form of record temperatures, India is currently experiencing the consequences of burning too much fossil fuel.

Modi’s German counterpart, on the other hand, could sing a song about where he has led to being overly dependent on one supplier for energy supplies. In this regard, a visit to Germany is certainly important and instructive for everyone involved.

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