India prepares to create competing operating systems for Android and iOS

New Delhi – The global mobile phone operating system is still dominated by Android and iOS. India has started preparing to create a new operating system to compete with the two.

Indian Electronics and Information Technology Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar said his party is looking for capabilities in the startup ecosystem and academia, for the development of made-in-India operating systems. .

“If we have the capability, we will be very interested in developing this area as it will create an alternative for iOS and Android where Indian brands can grow,” Chandrasekhar said as quoted by India timeThursday (27/1/2022).

He claims that most policies and their proponents are being revised to create these goals and ambitions.

“The important thing is to have a clear objective. Once we have a clear objective and what needs to be achieved, all policies and actions will be consistent with that,” he said.

For information, many technology companies are trying to compete with iOS and Android.

Examples such as Samsung, BlackBerry, Palm, Microsoft, but all have failed.

The only company that still deploys its own operating system, apart from Apple and Google, is Huawei with its HarmonyOS.

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