India plans to invest in IKN Nusantara, Jakarta – It has been observed that a number of world-class investors are increasingly visiting IKN Nusantara directly. Recently, Indonesia’s Ambassador to India and Bhutan, Ina Hagniningtyas Krisnamurthi, attracted Indian investors to the potential new capital.

The aim is to explore investment opportunities in IKN Nusantara as well as observe the ongoing development process in the region.

The investors involved in this visit are companies with significant assets and an international reputation. The company operates in selected areas, ranging from healthcare, infrastructure, ports and mineral resources such as mineral salts to raw materials for paper and tiles.

“Investors have shown strong interest in contributing to the development of IKN Nusantara,” Ina said in an official press release issued by the IKN Authority, Saturday (10/21/2023).

Ina explained that this visit was now an effort to accelerate the development of the IKN by attracting potential investors to the archipelago and introducing them to the IKN Authority.

“The embassy and I did a pretty strict screening before bringing these investors here. Because we know for sure and understand their needs, (we) use a priority scale, so we also have to choose those who are of good faith and who have particular interests. It is proven that there are many of them today. “A question about the evolution of the archipelago,” he said.

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Director of Investment and Ease of Doing Business at IKN Authority Indra Yuwana welcomed the visit and appreciated the efforts of the Indonesian Ambassador to India in attracting Indian investors to IKN.

According to him, Indian investors seem interested in investing there. So he hopes that more investors will enter IKN and will be able to increase public confidence in the process of moving the capital.

“They (the investors) are leading companies, some of which have permanent companies in Indonesia in various sectors focused on green energy and solar panels,” Indra said.

Siddharth, as CFO of PT Adani Global, expressed his appreciation for the invitation received to visit the archipelago in person. He praised IKN’s concept and detailed plans which cover all aspects of green energy, technology, security, lifestyle and education.

“All of this is necessary for the development of IKN, and we will be very happy to contribute to this vision of IKN,” Siddharth said.

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