India: monkey kills hundreds of captured puppies

A bloody revenge in the animal world? Residents of the village of Lavool, India, have told how two monkeys killed hundreds of puppies before being captured. They thought the animals acted after one of their babies was killed by a dog.

The two “murderers” claim at least 250 victims, reports British newspaper Security. They specifically target puppies roaming in and around villages, kidnapping them and then taking them to treetops or houses, before throwing them to the ground.

The attack began after a baby monkey was killed by a dog, residents in this area of ​​Maharashtra state said. They also showed that the two monkeys could also operate in other ways. Instead of dropping their victims to the ground, they sometimes let them starve to death, trapped in high places where they were impossible to descend.

If we believe the testimonies gathered by our comrades, this bloody grudge made all the puppies in the village disappear.

For the local forestry office, this theory of revenge between monkeys and dogs is still a hypothesis, but difficult to prove. Indeed, his agent was contacted because the two primates then began attacking the village children, fortunately without causing any casualties. Therefore, the animals were caught, then released in the forest far from where they went wrong.

This story is especially followed in this country, so the term “gang war between dogs and monkeys” is among the most searched for on the Internet.

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