India is hit by heat and cyclones: new water rationing begins

The government of India's capital, a large city with a population of 21 million, is also limiting water supplies due to low water levels in the Yamuna River. No neighborhood in Delhi receives water 24 hours a day, so residents who can afford water install tanks on the roofs of their homes to get water when it is available. Yesterday, authorities announced a new rationing plan, stating that in areas where water is usually supplied twice a day, it will be reduced to once a day.

“I appeal to all citizens to use these resources with utmost care, whether there is a water problem in their area or not,” Delhi Water Minister Atishi said on Tuesday.

This year, billions of people in Asia experienced a hotter than usual summer due to climate change.

Tuesday in Jaipur, in Rajasthan state, the local press reported three deaths from “heat stroke”, bringing the death toll in the city to four and in the state, the most desert in the country, to at least thirteen. . Data collection in rural areas of India, some of which are the most affected by heat waves, is much more difficult and biased.


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