India accuses Huawei of manipulating revenue to avoid taxes

JAKARTA — The Indian government is investigating Chinese tech giant, Huawei. The findings of the investigation led to accusations of tech companies manipulating earnings.

India’s finance ministry said a major telecom company failed to record revenue of 4 billion rupees (747.9 billion rupees) on its books and posted expenses of 4.8 billion rupees ( 897 billion rupees).

A spokesperson for Huawei in India did not immediately respond to the allegations. Last month, Indian tax authorities raided New Delhi-based Huawei. In addition, senior Huawei executives operating in India were also visited by Indian tax authorities.

reported from South China Morning Post, India’s finance ministry said further investigations were underway. The move comes amid rising tensions between India and China following 2020 border clashes between neighboring countries.

In February, India blocked access to 54 mobile apps, mostly from China, citing security concerns. Globally, Huawei has been at the center of a campaign by the United States, which has called on its allies to isolate Huawei from 5G infrastructure over spying concerns. The company denied it was a security risk.

While in India itself, Huawei is not considered a 5G network provider to operate in one of the biggest markets in the world. Moreover, Huawei also had to stumble due to trade restrictions imposed in the global business environment.

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