In Pontivy, animal mediation puts Ulis Saints-Anges students in a good mood – Pontivy

“We have to be wise, otherwise we won’t put animals on the table!” “Silence ensued in a Saints-Anges college classroom, in Pontivy, where grades 6 and 5 of the local school inclusion unit (Ulis) were taking part in an animal mediation course. We could barely hear the students munching on the bits of vegetables they had prepared in the little cups meant for rabbits and guinea pigs that Isabelle Cramoisan had in her suitcase.

“Animals don’t judge”

Animal mediators intervene in different structures, in people’s homes or in accommodation for dependent parents (Ehpad), for example. He is, Thursday, May 13, at Saints-Anges college, for his regular meeting with the Ulis class, whose students are disabled. Today, the guinea pigs, Popcorn and Snickers, deserve their caresses.

“Animal mediation is a helping relationship with a therapeutic purpose, we work on animal-human interactions. It calms them down, like tricking an animal: it takes the stress out of working on the fur and the animal is non-judgmental,” explains Isabelle Cramoisan, before removing a large fluffy bunny from her cage.

“It calms us down”

The various workshops that were set up served several purposes. “What will the rabbit eat? ” – ” Turnip ! » – « Raw or cooked? ask students. Something to evoke, in a sentence, the risk of a diet too salty. Where else, in fact, guinea pigs are afraid of heights. “The possibilities are endless: when we talk about vegetables that animals can eat, we talk about food hygiene. By taking care of it, we touch on personal hygiene. We also talked about hair texture, color.”

This exercise also allows them to practice fine motor skills, students have to gently brush or pet animals, and prepare small cups of chopped vegetables for those whose four-legged friends come to eat directly at the classroom table. Guaranteed effect on students, captivated by so much cuteness. But also, as a more focused student pointed out: “We are calm having animals”.

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