In India, intersections are a real headache

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Some wonder how the motorists present in the middle of this intersection managed to find their way. Everyone for himself and the bravest has a chance to survive.

In this video captured by security cameras placed at the corner of an intersection in India, we can see the complexities of traffic in this country.

Like what, Highway Codes with well-defined rules sometimes aren’t that bad either… Because in this case, there’s no more right story priority or even signaling. No, as we said earlier, everyone to their own apple and we’ll see what happens.

And that’s pretty easy to describe. It’s a huge bazaar in the middle of the street, where trucks, scooters and cars pass each other in hopes of hitting anyone.

The pictures are absolutely insane and without further ado, here they are:


We really don’t want to find ourselves in such a mess. If local riders are used to situations like this, for us Westerners, it’s a different story. And at this kind of crossroads, you have to know how to stay calm.

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