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After heavily affecting France in early June, a violent storm moved toward central Europe in the following days. Between 5 and 6 June, Severe hailstorms affected southern Germany with sometimes very significant accumulations, locally exceeding 40-50cm in thickness in certain sectors.

Heavy hail accumulation at Weiler in southern Germany on June 5 – Brandweer Weiler

In Switzerland and northern Italy, storms mainly cause heavy rain, sometimes resulting in landslide. This happened, for example, on the night of June 6-7 near Como in northern Italy with sometimes significant damage, as in the town of Careno.

Consequences of a nocturnal landslide on the night of 6-7 June 2022 – Weather in Italy

On the Turkish side, the storm was also very fierce on the 3rd of June, especiallyheavy rainfall, causing heavy flooding in the Ankara region. The damage was significant in several places and one victim to be regrettedcarried away by water.

Massive flooding in Ankara in Turkey on June 3, 2022 – turkey.postsen

In southern Europe, the heat has increased significantly in recent days and the first heat wave will affect the Iberian Peninsula. Very warm air masses did rise from Africa in the next few days ahead of a cold drop that fell over the Atlantic with temperatures so high for the period.

Animation of temperature at 850 hPa in Western Europe from Friday 10 to Tuesday 14 June 2022 – GFS model via WX CHART

With that said, the maximum temperature is expected to be scorching between southern Spain and southern Portugal in the coming days with maybe more than 40°C between this weekend and early next week.

Maximum temperature expected for Sunday, 12 June 2022 in Iberian Peninsula – Meteorology

America :

Tropical activity has increased between the eastern Pacific and Atlantic basins since late May 2022. Hurricane Agatha, the first of the season, hit Mexico and particularly the Oaxaca region between May 30 and 31. category 2produce wind gusts from more than 170 km/h and heavy rain.

Critical damage after passing through Agatha in the Mexican state of Oaxaca – El Sureste Oaxaca

This storm is The most powerful hit the Pacific coast of Mexico in May since measurements began in 1949 and killed 19 people.

In the days that followed, a tropical depression then developed in the Gulf of Mexico giving Florida very bad weather. From occasionally significant flooding is observed in the southern state and area of ​​Miami.

Major flooding in Miami between June 4 and 5, 2022 – Via Twitter @Naija_PR

Further north, storms also cause tornado formation on June 6, causing some damage near Fort Pierce.

Tornado near Fort Pierce on June 6, 2022 –Jeff Russell

This tropical depression then shifted towards the Atlantic at once strengthened and became the first named storm of the season over the Atlantic Basin (Alex) by influencing certain sectors in Bermuda.

Tropical Storm Alex satellite view on June 6, 2022 – TropicalTidBits

The 2022 tropical season is also planned more active than usual in the Atlantic Basin with about 20 named storms predicted (against the average of 14) and more than a dozen major storms (against the average of 7).

Forecast of storm activity in the Atlantic Basin for the 2022 season –

In the midst of this tropical turmoil, heat is rising between northern Mexico and the southern United States. On June 8th, maximum 47°C reached in Rio Grande, Texas, one of the highest temperatures ever recorded in the region.

Maximum temperature 47°C on June 8, 2022 in Texas – Via Twitter @US_Stormwatch

From the Mexican side to 48.5 °C recorded in the Ojinaga region on June 7th, that is the highest temperature of 2022 in the country.

The maximum temperature observed in Mexico on June 7, 2022 – Conagua

In the south of the continent, on the contrary, it is marked cold at the end of May, especially between Chile and Argentina. Several monthly records were observed such as at Chapelco with -12.6°C or -2.1°C at Santiago de Chile, the lowest values ​​in May since 1969.

The minimum temperature observed in Argentina on May 31, 2022 – Info and illustrations via Twitter @ThierryGooseBC

in Brazil, big flood concerning the state of Pernambuco (Northeast Brazil) at the end of the following May heavy rain. Lots of landslides and landslides caused the deaths of at least a hundred people according to initial assessments and displaced more than 6,000 residents.

Significant flooding on the outskirts of Recife in late May 2022 – Clauber Cleber Caetano

Within a few hours, he did fall 70% of the average rainfall in May in areas with catastrophic consequences for the affected cities. If a landslide causes a lot of damage, landslides in particular are said to have caused the most casualties, with certain neighborhoods collapsing completely in the Recife region, a city of nearly 4 million people.

Law enforcement searches the rubble for potential victims the day after the landslide in Recife – BRENDA ALCANTARA / AFP

Africa and Middle East:

The heat has persisted for several days in the Middle East with daily values ​​above 50 °C between Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iraq. For example, we can identify 51.9°C at Jahra on June 9, 51.6°C in Sulaibiya, 50.6°C at Al-Wafra or even 50.5°C in Abdali.

The maximum temperature observed in the Middle East on June 9, 2022 – Ogimet maps and info via Twitter @ThierryGooseBC

However, uncertainty remains on the reliability of the Jahra station, however, if proven reliable, the sector will be watching the highest value in 2022 in the world with a maximum temperature of 52.7°C on 7 June.

On the South African side, temporary heat is marked for the period. On June 6th, we can observe multiple monthly records in the sector with, for example, 29.7°C at Cape Point (beating 28.2°C on 2 June 1999), 32,5 °C in Wellington or 31.3°C in Langebaanweg.

Temperature anomalies in Africa on June 6, 2022 – MetDesk illustrations and Info via Twitter @Ekmeteo


Since January 1st, the Indian city of Cherrapunji has been observing 5380.4mm what precipitation is shown far above average. The sector is one of the wettest on the planet but this year the rainfall is very high. As of 31 May, 4,884.5mm was indeed observed in the sector versus the average for the same period of 2,649.6mm.

Cherrapunji sector in India, one of the wettest areas in the world – Illustration: and info via Twitter @ThierryGooseBC

In Japan, the heat is temporarily strong for the period at the end of May with The first 35°C of the year observed in the interior of the main islande. From many monthly records beaten like in Kami-Satomi and Sano with 35.2°C or 34.9°C in Tajami.

Maximum temperature recorded on May 29, 2022 – JMA

However, the hot period was very temporary since a marked winter was then observed in the region in early June. After a record heat, this time a record cold was observed, a stark contrast in just a few days.

Minimum temperature observed on 7 June 2022 in Japan and related records – via Twitter @extremetemps


An out-of-season heatwave affects northern Australia in early June 2022. Until 37.8°C released on June 5th in Bradshaw on June 5th, a value that lies just 0.1°C from the national monthly national heat record.

Temperature anomalies in Australia in early June 2022 – Illustration: MetDesk and info via Twitter @extremetemps

Further south, the weather is generally seasonal in the last few days, even being quite chilly. However, rainfall has been abnormally high since early autumn in certain sectors of the country. In Sydney, the fall of 2022 was the wettest ever observed (measurements began in 1859).

The city has been observing 1530.6mm for the past 5 months, beat the previous record for the January-May period of 1327.8mm in 1990.

Evolution of the rainfall amount since 1 January 2022 in Sydney – Weather Zone

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