HS Prannoy has reached the semi-finals of the Indonesia Open 2022

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Badminton News: HS Prannoy India continued their impressive form by advancing to the semi-finals of the Indonesia Open Super 1000 tournament with a straight win over world number 13 Dane Rasmus Gemke on Friday.

Just over a month after his heroic win over Gemke in the decisive fifth game against Denmark that sealed India’s victory in the Thomas Cup final, Prannoy has yet to put on another beautifully crafted display to beat world number 13 Denmark 21-14 and 21-12 in the quarter-final which lasted 40 minutes.

HS Prannoy, who reached the Swiss Open Super 300 final in March, will next face Zhao Jun Peng of China.

Going into the game at 2-2 one-on-one, Prannoy did nothing wrong as he played a few corners on the pitch and scored inside out wisely to keep a firm grip on the game.

The match featured a short rally with Gemke troubled by a knee problem. Prannoy waited for his opponent to make a mistake and unleashed his counterattack as soon as the opportunity arose.

The result was Prannoy leading 5-0 earlier in the break with an 11-7 lead. He continued to add points to comfortably lead the opener.

In the end, a service error gave India six game points early in the second game and he sealed it with a punch to his opponent in a forehand corner.

The first half of game two was a roller coaster ride as Gemke produced a superb counter attack. He started to move and bounced back to 6-6 with a smash after leading 3-6 to start.

Prannoy continued to press his opponent but Gemke equalized again at 9-9 with a quick shot to the net but the Indians sealed a two-point lead at the break.

HS Prannoy continued to dominate the rallies after the break as his precise returns on his opponent’s forehand and backhand earned him points. A similar shot took India to eight points to secure a ticket to the 2022 Indonesia Open semi-finals.

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