Houthi rebels apparently hijacked an Israeli car carrier in the Red Sea

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According to Israeli media reports, pro-Iran Houthi rebels from Yemen have taken control of a cargo ship in the Red Sea.

Sanaa – The war in Israel seems to have one more reason: Pro-Iran Houthi rebels from Yemen have hijacked a transport car in the Red Sea. Israeli media reported this on Sunday (19 November).

War in Israel: Houthi rebels from Yemen may hijack a cargo ship in the Red Sea

The cargo ship is said to be partly owned by British-Israeli businessman Rami Ungar. According to reports, the rebels have taken more than 20 people hostage. As reported by the Al-Hadath news channel, 22 crew members on board the “Galaxy Leader” were affected.

An Israeli military spokesman spoke of a “very serious incident with global reach”. Israel said the cargo ship was en route from Turkey to India with an international crew on board. Therefore, Israeli citizens do not participate. He stressed that it was “not an Israeli ship.”

Israeli Navy corvette Sa’ar-5 patrols the Red Sea in early November. (Symbolic photo) © IMAGO/IDF

Houthi rebels from Yemen attack: Israel reports kidnapping of car carrier

Houthi rebels have previously openly threatened Tel Aviv. From now on, all ships in the Red Sea sailing under the Israeli flag, owned by Israeli companies or operated by Israeli companies will be targeted, Houthi military spokesman Jahja Sari said on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

All countries in the world are urged to stop sending their compatriots to crew these ships and stop doing business with them. The reason for the action was “Israeli-American aggression” in the Gaza Strip. The Shia Houthi group is allied with Iran and the radical Islamist group Hamas, which is the target of Israeli army attacks in Gaza.

Against Israel: Yemen’s Houthi rebels are allied with Iran

Medium-range missiles and combat drones are said to have been repeatedly fired towards Israel from Yemen. The Jewish state’s navy patrols the Red Sea, where Israel has a narrow coastal strip at the country’s southern tip near the port city of Eilat on the borders with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. (pm)

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