High number of asylum applications: Federal and state governments are seeking control

On: September 17, 2023 05:06

In view of the increasing number of migrations, many cities are issuing warnings. Federal and state governments are looking for solutions. This is what Federal Minister of the Interior Faeser is planning, according to information from ARD capital studio Tightening of population laws.

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Is the mood in Germany in danger of changing? There have been repeated protests against refugee accommodation. The number of asylum applications continues to increase compared to the previous year, which was already high. In ARD GermanyTrend Immigration and aviation issues ranked second among the most pressing issues in August.

26 percent of those surveyed now call the topic the most important or second most important issue in Germany. Election researcher Stefan Merz from Infratest-Dimap says so ARD capital studio, the topic causes a loss of trust. It is important for politics to solve problems.

If politicians do not succeed in giving the impression that they are able to control who and how many people come, then trust in politics and thus in the federal government will not return. Including if necessary, people being sent home, Merz said.

Distress signal from the district

The federal and state governments are in the same situation. Both parties have responsibilities in migration policy. But do they succeed in giving the impression of control? It doesn’t look like that. In many places, emergency signals came from the districts responsible for hosting the refugees. Many cities are no longer able to accommodate people.

Therefore, in Saxony-Anhalt, standards were lowered at the beginning of the year. The state has temporarily suspended its so-called accommodation guidelines. Now more people can be treated in less space. The interests of women, families with children and the elderly or disabled are taken into account, says CDU Interior Minister Tamara Zieschang Report from Berlin.

But “if you’re faced with the question of whether I should share a room with a few more people in shared accommodation, or should I move to a gym, or should I put up a tent, then I think it’s better for sanctuary entrances if they’re actually fixed and have space available life,” he said.

Arguments about safety Country of origin

And the federal government is reacting too. At a cabinet meeting in Meseberg, traffic lights agreed to include Georgia and Moldova in the group of safe countries of origin. This means that asylum procedures for people from these countries can be accelerated. The fact that ultimately only two additional states made the list was due to the Green Party in government.

The SPD and FDP could possibly envision more states, as all interior ministers called for in June. Apart from Georgia and Moldova, the list of Interior Ministers also includes Armenia, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and India. India, for example, has a very low level of protection, said Saxony-Anhalt Interior Minister Zieschang Report from Berlin. This is a clear example of the fact that a safer country of origin can be named.

Authorities should make it easier to issue evictions

However, discussions on this matter are not progressing at the federal level so Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser appears to be considering other measures as well. In a paper that… ARD capital studio Available exclusively, it is said that the crime of smuggling in the Residence Act is tightened. This will allow the responsible authorities to issue expulsions and allow residence permits to expire more easily in the future.

Additionally, the eradication of smugglers should be coordinated more closely with neighboring Poland and the Czech Republic in the future. A task force is intended to link investigations between police and courts with neighboring countries. According to the newspaper, the Federal Minister of the Interior also wants to focus on communications in the main countries of origin and specifically warn people in their languages ​​about the dangers of smuggling and at the same time direct them to legal migration routes. .

Söder demanded firmly Recording limits

Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) also called for restrictions. In view of the increasing number of refugees, he spoke at “Bild am Sonntag” in favor of “limits to integration”. “We need a German agreement against uncontrolled immigration,” Söder told “BamS”. Otherwise, the stability of Germany will be threatened, which, given the rise of the AfD, is “already headed towards a destructive democracy.”

The CSU leader referred to a previous model implemented by his party that limited admissions to a maximum of 200,000 migrants per year. The concept is based on “what municipal governments can achieve” and works well under a federal grand coalition, Söder said. However, the traffic light coalition ignored this, so Germany is now headed for record migration numbers.

Söder called for more deportation and repatriation agreements for foreign criminals. He also pointed to his state’s plan to require asylum seekers to do community service work and replace previous cash assistance payments with in-kind benefits on chip cards for rejected asylum seekers.

You can see more on this topic in a report from Berlin on ARD today at 6pm.

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