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Extremely hot weather in India causes heat stroke.

GridHEALTH.id – Hundreds of millions of people living in India and Pakistan have had to adapt to the heatwave that has occurred in their countries over the past two months.

High temperatures have been recorded in both countries since mid-March. In fact, usually the new peak of summer occurs in June.

This condition makes the local community and government feel confused and unprepared for the hot weather.

reported from CBS News (05/09/2022), the highest temperature recorded in northwest and central India in April was around 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.7 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, in India’s capital, New Delhi, temperatures hit 110 degrees Fahrenheit or around 43.3 degrees Celsius for several days in April.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, temperatures in the Jacobabad and Nawabshah regions reached nearly 50 degrees Celsius.

Due to hot weather in India and Pakistan, it was reported that around 25 people from India died and another 65 were in Pakistan. It is estimated that the total number of people who have lost their lives is greater than this.

The Indian region faces heat waves every summer. However, this time the hot weather was different.

“It’s unique for three reasons, it happened very early, covered a very large area in both countries and lasted a long time… It’s very unusual,” said Vimal Mishra, a climatologist at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. .

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Why are so many Indians and Pakistanis dying from the hot weather?

“It is suspected that this is a death due to heatstrokesaid Pradeep Awate, a Maharashtra health official.

Heatstroke or heat stroke is one of the risks when it is very hot.

According to the Mayo Clinic, heatstroke It is a condition caused by overheating of the body. Usually occurs as a result of prolonged exposure or physical activity to high temperatures.

Heatstroke can occur if the body temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius or more. This condition occurs most often in the summer.

People who experience heatstroke need treatment as soon as possible. If not treated immediately, it can quickly cause brain, heart, kidney and muscle damage.

Delayed treatment can also worsen a person’s condition, increase complications and even lead to death.

someone affected heatstroke will experience a very high body temperature, skin feels hot to the touch, nausea and vomiting, and flushed skin.

Otherwise, heatstroke It also causes faster breathing, increased heart rate and headaches.

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Heatstroke due to hot weather is more common in the elderly (elderly) and people with chronic diseases.

This condition is actually still predictable and preventable. Do the following to avoid heatstroke in hot weather.

* Use loose clothing and lightweight materials

* Wear protective skin, using sunscreen SPF 15 or higher and reapply every two hours

* Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

* Reduce strenuous activities amid hot air temperatures. Try changing the activity schedule to morning or evening when the weather is cooler

* Limit working time in the sun or outdoors when it is hot

* Be careful with the symptoms heatstroke. If you experience symptoms, immediately move to a cooler location or compress yourself with a cold towel to lower body temperature.


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