Health: agreements with hospitals in India

To enable Mauritian children to benefit from operations deemed “complex” abroad, the Ministry of Health has decided to sign an agreement, “Memorandum of Understanding” with the Narayana Hrudayalaya hospital, located in Bangalore, India. This was announced by Kailesh Jagutpal, this Saturday, 14 May. It was in this same hospital that baby Marie-Cléanne Papillon, one of the Siamese sisters, underwent her operation.

“Thus, children who have to undergo complex surgery can get treatment there,” explained the Minister of Health. He made the remarks to the press following his visit to North Hospital this morning. He went there to see Dr. Ashley D’cruz. This specialist has been working on the case of little Marie-Cléanne Papillon for three years.

“Dr. Ashley D’Cruz takes care of little Marie-Cléanne. Keep in mind that your little one will have to travel for 22 hours prior to his intervention in India. It was a transfer, even a unique journey. Doctor D’Cruz is in Mauritius not only to inquire about the little one, but to perform surgery and provide consultations,” stressed Kailesh Jagutpal.

And to add to the training, it is also planned for health workers with the team of Dr. D’cruz.

For another question regarding vaccinations for children aged 5 to 11 years, the minister in charge stressed that we should wait a little longer for this age group. Reason: the procedure needs to be completed. And this, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, he said, without giving an exact date.

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