Great Yoga Session in Mysore for International Yoga Day

June 21 is International Yoga Day, a day proposed by India and established in 2014 by the United Nations.

In 2022, the catchphrase is “yoga to serve humanity”, the slogan which the President of the 76th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations described is fully in accordance with the current situation.

Great public yoga session in India

Most of the Indian politicians have taken part in one of the public yoga sessions held across India. The Prime Minister, was in Mysore with 15,000 other people for a session organized in front of the city palace by the Karnataka government.

Maldives yoga session interrupted by protests against India

Yoga sessions are also held around the world.

However, in Male, the capital of the Maldives, angry mobs stormed the national football stadium and attacked participants in the “Yoga Day” organized by the Indian High Commission and the Maldivian government. The country’s police quickly arrived and calmed the crowd, allowing the event to resume.

The opposition Maldives Progressive Party, led by former President Abdulla Yameen, is currently running a campaign entitled “India Out“.

India and the Maldives are neighbors who share a maritime border. Friendly and close relations in terms of strategic, economic and military cooperation.

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Summary June 20, 2022

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