Govt introduces Bharat Series registration mark for new cars in India

To facilitate the movement of private vehicles between states and union territories during the move, the central government has introduced the new Bharat series (BH series). This new series will serve as a sign of registration of all new vehicles in the country.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Road and Highway Transport, the new Seri Bharat (Seri BH) registration system will be available to all Defense personnel and employees of central and state government as well as public, central and state sector companies. Private sector companies and organizations with offices in four or more union states or territories could also benefit from this new initiative.

In a written response to the Rajya Sabha, Union Minister of Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari said that private vehicles bearing the new BH series mark do not require re-registration when moving from state to state.

On new vehicles registered under the BH series mark, the country letter on the number plate, such as DL or HR, will be replaced with “BH”. According to the new license plate model, the year of registration of the vehicle will be listed first, followed by “BH”, which will be common to all. Then, four random numbers will be entered as well as the two letters at the end, except for “I” and “O”.

According to the ANI report, the motor vehicle tax will be imposed for two years or a multiple of two. After a vehicle is fourteen years old, a motor vehicle tax is levied annually and half of the amount previously levied on that vehicle.

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Previously, people moving between states had to go through a complicated process to transfer vehicle registrations. A person must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Regional Transportation Office (RTO) of the state where the vehicle was originally registered and then re-register the vehicle in the state in which the person moves.

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