Google Brain and DeepMind merge and create AI to rival ChatGPT, JAKARTA- Google is reportedly giving a select group of companies early access to Gemini, the upcoming joint conversational AI software from Google Brain and DeepMind. This technology is there to better compete with ChatGPT.

Gemini is almost ready to adopt OpenAI’s large GPT-4 language model. The launch of Gemini is important for Google, as the company has increased its investments in AI this year.

Quoted from, Sunday (09/17/2023), this step is seen as Google’s attempt to catch up, especially after the tech world was captivated by the release of ChatGPT which was backed by Microsoft and supported by OpenAI last year.

“The launch of ChatGPT is an exciting moment for it,” said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, as quoted by livemint, Sunday (09/17/2023).

In fact, the devices artificial intelligence (AI)it includes a series of advanced language models that can be used in various applications. These range from chatbots to functions that create text summaries or create unique content based on user preferences.

This app includes tasks like writing emails, creating song lyrics, and producing articles.

He also added that AI represents a profound fundamental change and is reaching a stage where artificial intelligence can be applied more thoroughly.

Additionally, Gemini is expected to help software engineers write code and create unique images to meet user needs.

According to a report from The Information, Google is currently giving developers access to a fairly large version of Gemini, although it is not the largest version in development, with the larger version expected to have capabilities comparable to GPT- 4.

According to Windows.atsit, Microsoft itself also made Google wary by launching Bing Chat, an AI search engine that uses elements of OpenAI technology. Google responded with the Bard chatbot but viewed Gemini as a more comprehensive competitor.

This is a big challenge for OpenAI, especially since ChatGPT developers also leverage Dall-E, an image generator that can still be connected to ChatGPT in the future.

The American technology company aims to make Gemini available to businesses via its Google Cloud Vertex AI service. Last August, the company introduced general AI features to its search engine, specifically targeting users in India and Japan.

Additionally, this feature allows textual or visual display of results in response to commands, including summaries.

For your information, Google offers AI-based tools to business customers for a monthly fee of US$30 or IDR461,000 per user. (Afaani Fajrianti)

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