Good news: there will be no more tigers at the Fort Boyard event! – News

Better late than never! Adventure Line Productions (ALP) has announced that Fort Boyard will be removing tigers from the show this summer. PETA, which has campaigned for years to stop the use of tigers at Fort Boyard, welcomes this decision and urges the show to commit to no longer using any animals, so that the legend of Fort Boyard really gets into the community spirit. time.

The ALP also explained that a sum of money will be donated to the two tigers, Kashmir and Tosca, to enable them to “continue to receive all necessary care and end life with respect for the dignity of the animal”.

Wild animals suffer from captivity

Wild animals like tigers suffer from captivity: they are transported and locked up under stressful conditions and lose everything that is important to them, including their freedom, the possibility of choosing their relatives and the ability to express their natural behavior. Fort Boyard’s last two tigers must be sent to a sanctuary, so that they can finally live the natural life they have long denied.

Animals that are exploited for film, television production or entertainment shows lead lives of stress and deprivation. Investigations by PETA United States have revealed the suffering of animals used for many Hollywood films and series. The living conditions that have been reported represent the norm and are not the exception to what animals use in entertainment experiences.

Animals are not props

Participants and viewers’ opposition to the exploitation of animals grew from season to season, as they realized that these animals were living things and not entertainment props.

This change in mentality means that the decision to no longer exploit animals for entertainment is related: Cyril Hanouna has promised to no longer bring animals on set. Don’t touch My TV After PETA’s ambassador Pamela Anderson spoke directly about the existence of animals, the Gulli channel was rewarded by PETA for its decision to stop broadcasting shows featuring captive animals, in an effort to combat animal suffering, and following a request from PETA, TF1 has been made to not show wolves on site. filming Dance with the stars.

What can you do?

Don’t watch movies or TV shows that use live animals, and also refuse to participate in activities that exploit them, such as elephant riding, bullfighting, taking pictures with animals, or visiting animals in marine parks. Without consumer support, this attraction would not exist.

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