Game of Thrones: George RR Martin delivers news on spinoff in preparation

Very active on his blog, George RR Martin has revealed some information about the four Game of Thrones spinoffs in preparation. And in which he actively participates.

We already know that the first picture of them, House of the Dragon, expected in late 2022 on the American channel HBO, aroused the enthusiasm of writers. Precisely on hers blog that George RR Martin claimed to have been able to watch some of the pictures from the series, and that the results seemed to him very encouraging.

Regarding his other three projects – The Sea Snake, Ten Thousand Ships, and A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – the 73-year-old author confirmed to his fans that he was “very, very involved” in their development. “This is my world, and while I’ve worked with some fantastic writers and hosts, it’s ultimately up to me to try to keep the mythology intact. And to do whatever I can to help make the new show great,” he explained.

George RR Martin also revealed that Bruno Heller, creator of Roma, is currently writing the script for The Sea Snake, a series dedicated to Corlys Velaryon, nicknamed the Sea Serpent, a famous explorer and merchant of Westeros. The Ten Thousand Ships series will follow the journey of Princess Nymeria and her people as they migrate to the land of Dorne, some 1,000 years before the events of Game of Thrones.

Finally, the novelist tells us that the Dunk and Egg series can finally be called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, and will tell the adventures of a wandering knight and his young bodyguard, the young Aegon V Taragaryen. It will be piloted by Steve Conrad (American Patriot).

“Steve was determined to make a faithful adaptation of my story, which was exactly what I wanted. These characters and these stories are invaluable to me. The first season will be an adaptation of the first novel, The Hedge Knight. Contrary to what you might read online, this series will not be called Dunk & Egg. We are leaning towards A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. But The Hedge Knight (Le Chevalier Errant) also has his supporters,” he said.

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