French Consulate announces launch of Bonjour India-2022 from 12 April in Bloor

The French Consulate in Bangalore on Tuesday announced the fourth edition of “Bonjour India-2022” from April 12 to promote communication between people to showcase artistic, film and scientific activities between India and France. .

French Consul General Thierry Berthelot said the India Bonjour event was coordinated by the French Embassy, ​​French consulates, the French Institute in India and 14 branches of the Alliance Franaise.

“This summer, the French touch will allow Bengalis to connect with French celebrations, film and various French art forms: the perfect way to strengthen the human bond between the two countries,” said Berthelot.

The festival kicks off on April 12 in Bangalore with “Convergence,” an exclusive photography exhibition showcasing the work of leading French photographers who traveled and lived in India from the mid-19th century to the 1970s at the Bangalore International Center (BIC).

On April 23rd, Korra performer Sharif Sumano will hold a concert with tabla maestro Shahbaz Khan at the Alliance Franaise.

In addition, there will be a mural art festival starting April 27 at the Rangoli Metro Art Center on MG Road.

Berthelot said “Bonjour India-2022” which means “Hello India-2022” was held in 19 cities across India with a network of 14 Alliance Franchises.

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