Frauscher sensor technology: focus on mental health

ST. MARIAN CHURCHES. Frauscher Sensortechnik focused on mental health in May.

During the month of May, the focus was on the mental health of Frauscher Sensortechnik employees. Many measures revolved around mental health awareness. Targeted topics included mindfulness, resilience, stress reduction and time management, which were covered through e-learning courses. In her keynote, a happiness researcher dedicated herself to the topic of how to grow together and achieve great things in these times. In addition to the many online activities that Frauscher colleagues took part in all over the world, they also met again in person. In order to further strengthen the feeling of unity, a joint hiking day was organized at the St. Marienkirchen site.

Common events

Joint events were also organized in the global subsidiaries, such as France or India. “We are all aware that you can do a lot of good for your body with a healthy diet and exercise. Unfortunately, we often take far too little time for our mental health. As an employer, it is essential for We that all employees are doing well, both physically and mentally, which is why we at Frauscher organized Mental Health Awareness Month in May with many different measures,” says Michael Thiel, CEO of Frauscher , initiative.

Paid day off

In addition to priority topics and local activities, all employees worldwide received an additional day of paid vacation on May 13 to have more time for family, hobbies and relaxation. “The many initiatives should allow everyone to focus and actively engage on the issue of mental health. This is the second time that Frauscher has focused on this topic – and will probably do so again next year. One of our corporate values ​​is contact and for us this is not just a motto, but a responsibility,” adds Thiel.

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