Foot OM – OM Sale: India arrives in Marseille with concrete information

Although Marseille’s eyes are only focused on Saudi Arabia, a big surprise could come from India. Karan Adani, son of one of the richest men in the world, could arrive and his country would settle in Marseille.

It is true that Saudi Arabia has enormous financial resources, but it is not only in this country that billionaires can prosper. In India, there are few who can buy Olympique de Marseille or any other big football club without having to vacate the PEL. Among them, there is clearly Karan Adani, whose name was mentioned on Friday and who could arrive at the Vélodrome at the request of CGA CGM, OM’s jersey sponsor whose involvement in the life of the club is known to Phocaean. Aged 36, Karan Adani is gradually emerging from the shadow of his father, Gautam Adani, who has a fortune estimated at $74.7 billion, and is renowned for his close relationship with Narendra Modi, India’s leader. In fact, this creates another relationship with Olympique de Marseille.

OM was purchased with the approval of Indian and French authorities?

Proof of India’s interest in the city of Marseille, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister and strongman of the country of 1.2 billion people, recently decided that Marseille will soon receive a consulate. Currently, India has only one diplomatic representation in France, namely in Paris, but this will no longer be the case. The Indian boss explained that, at the request of the French government, this office will soon be opened in the Provençal capital, knowing that 120,000 people of Indian nationality live in our country. An official act that is not a rumor at all. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron hopes to make Marseille one of the connecting capitals of the futureIndia to Europe across the Middle East. So many things suggest that Karan Adani might be interested in buying OM, the Indian businessman who invests in his country’s ports, some of the most important of which he owns.

For now, all this remains under wraps, although things could materialize soon. But many files seem to be mixed up to make the inauguration of this powerful businessman responsible, who also has good relations with Saudi Arabia, a success. However, the idea of ​​seeing a trio (Saudi, CGA CGMA and India) leading Olympique de Marseille is not a recent one, as India does not want to play the role of representative. So it’s all or nothing for Adani. What is certain is that currently the Indian press is not at all interested in this OM story, the Cricket World Cup and the national team’s performance are more interesting than the departure of Javier Ribalta.

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