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[Bonnes nouvelles]

We start with 10 pieces of good news…

I’m well [fête] No.1: India in Paris

Women in saris with jasmine hair, coconuts thrown on the asphalt, chariots carrying golden deities… You can imagine yourself on a street in Calcutta or Bombay. However, this photo was taken in Paris at the end of August. Every year, the Sri Manicka Vinayakar Alayam temple in La Chapelle, in the 18th arrondissement, hosts a grand feast to celebrate Ganesha’s birth. Hindus from all over France and even abroad come to parade through the streets of the neighborhood and leave their offerings as the chariots of Ganesh, his brother Muruga and the goddess Durga pass by. The curious are also welcome. Change of scenery guaranteed!



What gives you passion?

At a French medium school in Pondicherry, in southeast India, students follow the same program as you. Just like you and your friends, they also have their own hobbies when they are not in class.
We asked them to tell us.



Giant in 10 points

With a population of 1.43 billion people, India has just become the most populous country in the world… An opportunity and a challenge, for this giant country, there are many contrasts. We summarize all the problems for you in ten figures!



India from your couch

New Delhi, Calcutta or Bombay, is it too expensive or too far? You can also explore India without taking a plane. Sit on your couch, log into Netflix and follow the guide!



“I studied for one year in India”

The story of Timon, 24 years old.


Jenna makes you revise for your baccalaureate exams…Who are you in your friend group?YouTube Channel/Phosphorus: “My French Baccalaureate in my pocket” - Jenna asks you to revise for baccalaureate tests.

To help you find the right school or study for you, students guide you through their college or school, without hiding anything.

YouTube Channel/Phosphorus: “My lessons in 3 minutes” - Students open their school doors for you.

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